Pathrunners in Runderwear GR!!


Important change

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Please note new blog post site:

we needed more flexibility on posting…. and so have changed it to the above!

Thank you for reading 🙂


My battle with fun continues

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I will elaborate more on this in due course – as it is a battle, an oxymoronic battle! but a battle all the same…

But to keep short and simple….

I ran a 5k personal best on Saturday – which was brilliant, and made me feel more excited about the coming weeks, and how far I have come since I started training in October.

Saturday afternoon was my cousins wedding which was fabulous. Homegrown wine, good food, games… And that is where the fun began.

Rounders! Competitive. Sophie?!

Hugely bruised toe, and a foot full of thistle splinters…. Not a great start to the adventure on Wednesday. The toe is currently black and barely fits in my trainer….

Dad has a sore throat too


Anyway photo of toe to follow



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Packing begins!!! Bags too heavy – now only taking one pair of everything….

Reckon the bears will be put off fairly easily 🙂

Pathrunners in Runderwear

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– Sophie & Nick – are going coast to coast – de mar a mar – in the Pyrenees…..

So, we are doing this run, this collection of runs, think 1 marathon a day for 20+ days back to back, in difficult conditions. Carrying our home on our backs, and sleeping under the stars most nights!

all for MIND [ours included – if we don’t lose them in the mountains :)….]

Dodging bears, lynx, thunderstorms and whatever else the mountains have to throw at us!

Dressed in underwear from our friendly sponsors @runderwear

As Haruki Murakami said:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

I hope that we can complete this challenge, but if we can’t – and we end up as vulture supper….. – then we are happy to accept that as being part of the journey.

If you would like to contribute to my justgiving page above I would be grateful, but even if not – I hope I have somehow inspired you.

@runderwear have kindly donated kit to us both – and I know MIND is a charity very close to their hearts as well. So this is also a thank you to them for their generosity, and daily encouragement along the way!


07/07/11 – Day 21

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At Minehead…got very wet today!


Day 19 – 05/07/11

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At Appledore near Westward Ho!


Day 17 – 03/07/11

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Very hot day – currently 6 miles short of Bude.


Day 16 / 17 – 3/7/11

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Sorry for lack of contact yesterday – reception rubbish!Reached Port Isaac!!


Day 14 – 01/07/11

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A pinch & a punch…having a great time!Almost got to Hayle last night, actual bivvy-bag stop:-Grid ref: SW548383

Day 13 – 30/06/11

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http://gridreferencefinder.comREFERENCE – SW411229

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